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5/5 Not enough dicks.

So hetero.

"Hehehehheh, okay."

To lulz or not to lulz?

No but really, this wasn't funny at all. 3/10, the animation was good but the "writing" was crapamole. G-g-get it? Well none the less, I herd u liek mudkipz. Voice-acting was sub-par as well, but likely a result of the actors being fully aware of how pathetically unfunny the entire flash would ultimately be. Well, keep trying but you should probably just stick to voice-acting since this well... Suxxorz.

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The Review

Great concept, good execution... But the gameplay could be diversified a bit with some sort of power-ups or special-words that explode or something heh.
I personally had a problem playing the game, and I'm not sure if its a glitch or a simple error of flash as some others have mentioned, but the game seems to miss about half of the letters I type which safe to say makes it unplayable.

FFD-X Reviewo V2.0

lol didn't take me more than 30 seconds, and I'm dling sumtin else... check ur connection OMGhaxedlol.
Neway, it was well animated (as far as sprites go) but was 100% pointless. Not really a game when you can't lose, or atleast have more than just a choice of playing one of two animations.
3/5 for score maintaining.

This is Why I'm PWNZORZ

8628, nom nom nom nom nomssssss.
I loved it, simple and short (well except for the ending count if you do good lol). The graphics were good and I sware to god Will Ferell was talking to me about how many turkeys there were lmao. The music made the game, and the ending really just felt good.
Ok really though you need to make it count faster after a certain score because its starting to take forever!!!! I'm at 30,000 and counting...

Correction, I've got 35,502 nom nom nom nomssssss. No cheatzorz, if you figure out how to get more than 10k or so its easy :-) so beat that :P

domreinalabaster responds:

We'll figure something out for the sequel so you aren't stuck watching him eat forever. It's funny the first time, but we don't want you to have to wait 5 minutes every time you play.

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Damn, its actually pretty good... And coming from the guy who made the Numa Numa craze. Crazyyy! Reminds me of old arcade game title/character screens (specifically OMF 2097), except for the beginning... I think you should drop the more bassy parts or atleast change them even in the background those deep frog-like noises are annoying me. Otherwise great.

DUM DUM Di-dum DUM DUM Di-dum-dum

Umm... Hate to ask, but why again do you have a Pokemon music album?
Other than that the song is great, loved it and now have to hear the original to see the changes! Great work, and keep um coming.
Poke-poke-poke- poke-mon-pokemon. haha

Jebbal responds:

I have a pokemon music album because I bought it when I was in third grade! But hey, there are some really good songs on there actually. Including the original pokemon dance mix! I will definitely keep um coming sir,

Thanks for the review!


Sounds like a really crappy 80s remix to me haha, less "Straight Up Hood" and more "Boyz 2 Men" :p. Good none the less, certainly not a 5 but certainly a 4.

kingtaco16 responds:


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game boy advanc .....

love it! Your definetly talented as an artist broseph.


The background effects are spectacular, but the umbrella seems a bit lower in quality.


Expecially incredible when viewed in "Full Size".

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :D

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