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Has Newgrounds Changed For Better Or For Worse?

2008-04-21 17:11:33 by BloodStorm2262

I gotta tell you, Newgrounds has been changing alot lately... Its still getting hilarious randomness, but there seems to be a big jump of serious movies being uploaded and of high quality.

Is this a good direction or a bad direction that Newgrounds seems to be heading in? I'd love to get some comments/feedback on this one.

Has Newgrounds Changed For Better Or For Worse?


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2008-04-22 17:31:07

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2008-04-24 15:40:04

It's a good thing. When I click on a movie, I expect to be entertained and I like the high quality flashes better than the hastily-made ones. It's alright if they're actually funny, but if what you're saying is true and there are more good flashes being submitted, than I would have to say that is definitely and improvement.


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